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Oversized, overweight, over-length articles that are transported on roads or highways require special permits. Typically the movement of these trucks is restricted to daylight hours, excluding legal holidays. Near urban areas, oversized, overweight, and over-length trucks are prohibited from being on the roads during rush hour. Special burdens are placed on the seller and transporter of the load to make sure it can be moved in safety. For example, many loads require an escort vehicle.

Experienced truck accident lawyers are familiar with accidents involving oversized, overweight, or over-length loads. They are familiar not only with the specialized restrictions required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, but also in regulations required by the various departments of transportation such as those in Tennessee, found in Chapter 1680-7-1 of the Rules of the Tennessee Department of Transportation.

Accidents involving oversized, overweight, or over-length trucks present special circumstances to the truck accident lawyer. These loads require specialized marking and the trucks have special financial responsibility required as a result of such a load. If you or a loved one have been hurt or injured as a result of an oversized, overweight, or over-length truck, call the experienced truck accident lawyers at the Law Offices of Morgan Adams for a free consultation.

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