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The load shift accident lawyers at the Law Offices of Morgan Adams are familiar with the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Regulations requiring the safe securement of loads carried by tractor trailers. Loads can shift for a number of reasons, but when they do results are often tragic.

Generally a load shifts because it was not properly strapped down. At other times the loads can shift because it was not well-balanced and centered so that it was unstable as it went down the road. The truck accident lawyers at the Law Offices of Morgan Adams are familiar with bracing, blocking, strapping, chains, packaging, void-fillers, dunnage bags, and other methods used in the trucking industry to secure a load. We understand how the securement of the load changes between rolls of paper, logs, and boxes. Our load shift accident lawyers know the national experts that can recreate what happened in these tragic accidents.

If the shipper has liability, our firm has represented truck drivers when their rigs rollover. The shipping company has liability when it provides the truck driver a sealed load (and a quick check of the seal manifest will determine who sealed the load) that is unbalanced. The problem can occur from center stacking, improper balance, or simply failure by the shipping company to secure the load. Drivers in these cases are frequently co-victims as they were unaware the cargo was improperly secured and loaded.

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