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Due to the need for timber, the logging industry is very active on the highways of Tennessee and neighboring states. Unfortunately some loggers operate their trucks in an unsafe manner causing catastrophic injuries. Fatigued drivers, narrow roads, overloaded and an over length trucks, combined with long hours, create situations that frequently lead to tragic accidents. Trucks that are overloaded can’t stop in time to prevent a wreck and drivers following logging trucks often can’t see the unmarked tree trunks extending beyond the bed of the truck. In addition, flying debris from these trucks causes accidents to motorcyclists and other drivers who are hit with sticks and branches.

If a member of your family died or suffered a serious injury in a log truck wreck it is important to have your case evaluated by an experienced lawyer, one with the resources to conduct a thorough investigation. If you lost a family member in a fatal truck accident you may be entitled to wrongful death benefits from the trucking company, maintenance provider, other contractors, and even the lumber company itself depending upon the facts of your case.

Lumber companies and large land owners who hire fly-by-night logging truck operators can hire powerful defense lawyers to fight personal injury claims from these tragic accidents. They attempt to deny and minimize their own liability while blaming the very person who has been the victim of the logging truck accident. After 20 years in the United States Marine Corps fighting for his country, you can be sure Morgan Adams will fight for your rights. From our offices in Nashville and Chattanooga our lawyers serve clients throughout the state of Tennessee and across the country.

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