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Typically children are physically very active during primary or secondary school years. Children who are pre-school age are in a formative period, struggling to develop physical coordination. As a result of extensive physical activity along with clumsiness in learning to perform physical movements, children are often much more prone to accidents than adults. For the young, under age 19, more injuries are suffered as a result of accidents than any other cause. Children under the age of four are the most susceptible to injuries of any age group.

Causes of Child Injuries
Countless situations can lead to child injury or even death. Some examples are:

  • Defective or dangerous toys
  • Negligent supervision at swimming pools or playgrounds
  • Defective products, such as cribs, walkers or car seats
  • Unsafe sports equipment such as bicycles, skates and skateboards
  • School bus accidents
  • Park and playground equipment accidents
  • Organized sports accidents
  • Child abuse

When adequate precaution is taken, a great percentage of serious child injuries can be avoided.

Types of Serious Injuries
A great percentage of serious child injuries can be prevented, when adequate precaution is taken. However, there are serious injuries children may experience that require extensive medical attention and treatment including the following:

Liability for Injury

Frequently, multiple parties bear liability in a child injury, such as:

  • If a child is injured at school during playground or sports activities, the school may bear liability for improper supervision and a manufacturer may bear liability if playground or sports equipment was found to be defective.
  • A car accident may involve multiple parties sharing liability: the driver responsible for the collision, an unsafe car seat manufacturer as well as the city or county if unsafe road conditions existed because of negligent road maintenance.
  • In a dog bite incident, the owner of an apartment building or home as well as the owner of the dog share liability.
  • Defective toys or baby products may place liability on the manufacturer as well as the daycare facility that uses them.

At the Law Offices of Morgan Adams, our injury lawyers assist parents in child injury cases by establishing sources of liability, explaining legal recourses, and helping them to understand how our representation can assist in defraying medical expenses. Our acquired skills and experience lend us expertise in this area of law and enables our attorneys to obtain compensation on behalf of your child for doctor and hospital bills, pain and suffering, future medical rehabilitation or treatment along with lost wages as a result of tending to your child’s injury. We understand the financial burden and emotional difficulty when your child injured and suffering, and will do everything possible to provide you with an effective legal solution.

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