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Our firm has been involved in cases involving emergency vehicles. Emergency vehicles include fire engines, police cars, and ambulances. Although emergency vehicles are not required to stop at all red lights, they are required to operate safely and this includes certain steps to protect the public. In most states these steps include:

  1. There must be an actual emergency requiring an emergency response.
  2. The emergency vehicle must operate its siren.
  3. The emergency lights must be operating and on.

If all of these conditions are not met typically there is a violation of the law.

Our firm was involved in a tragic case involving an emergency vehicle that actually resulted in some good for the state of Tennessee. We represented one of the injured passengers in a car of college students that was hit by a speeding emergency vehicle that was on the road without its siren. After our firm conducted intense discovery to establish the facts of the case, and the negligence of the driver of the police car, the case resolved. The discovery, amongst other things, determined that the driver of the emergency vehicle was woefully undertrained. The parents of the child who died in the collision was subsequently able to persuade the legislature to pass a law requiring additional training of all emergency responders in the state of Tennessee.

The “Vanessa K. Free Emergency Services Training Act of 2005” was passed into law requiring additional training of emergency response drivers in Tennessee. A full copy of the law may be seen here. The credit for the passing of the law in this case, as with every other case we are involved in, is completely and utterly with the survivors of these horrible accidents.

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