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One of the most common commercial vehicles, a dump truck is used to transport loose materials sand, gravel, or dirt. Dump trucks have a hydraulically operated open bed which can be lifted, allowing the contents to slide to the ground behind the truck at the place of delivery. Used properly a dump truck is essential to the construction, gravel, and other industries. Used improperly, or without proper attention to driver training or vehicle maintenance, and these useful trucks become the number one cause of serious commercial motor vehicle accidents.

The experienced dump truck accident lawyers at the Law Offices of Morgan Adams have found that frequently dump truck drivers are paid by the weight of the contents they are hauling so they are overloaded, making them harder to stop and more likely to rollover. We have further found that dump truck drivers have incentives to make as many runs in a day as possible, often resulting in speeding. Finally we have seen cases where debris from an overloaded dump truck breaks loose and strikes the car following behind it, often resulting in serious injuries or loss of control of the car.

An experienced dump truck accident lawyer is needed to handle these cases as the loads dump trucks carry are very heavy and, as a result, they are regulated by the same federal and state laws and rules that an 18 Wheeler has to follow. These rules are called the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. Many lawyers are not familiar with the intricacies of these complicated regulations much less the complicated workings of a dump truck accident. Contact the experienced dump truck accident lawyers today at the Law Offices of Morgan Adams for a free case evaluation.

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