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Do I Need A Lawyer After A Truck Accident?

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Before you sign anything, it’s critical to consult a truck accident attorney about your case. Our firm offers a free consultation and we have experience in handling tractor-trailer cases across the country. We understand the various states’ laws on what each family can recover in a collision as well as the laws on punitive damages. We stay abreast of what injuries have returned in other tractor-trailer cases and what cases have settled for across the nation. Many of the verdicts across the nation can be found in specialized newsletters written specifically for the trucking accident attorney.

People that don’t have access to these specialized publications, and lawyers that cannot immediately produce these publications when asked, cannot tell you what your case is worth. It is critical to hire an advocate for your case that has the knowledge and experience to properly evaluate your truck accident. Before hiring a truck accident lawyer can he tell you the three main textbooks used by experienced truck accident lawyers? Are they on his shelf or is he just talking a good game? (Hint, these books are subscription only and are not available as an online resource. They either have the books or they don’t.)

Our offices have found in fatal truck accident cases that the insurance companies have a designed program to pay the victims as little as possible. After research into what would resolve trucking accident cases for the least amount possible the trucking company’s insurance adjusters did away with the appearance of an adversarial approach and use an “apology program” where they hold hands of the victims and take care of small matters in order to resolve the case as quickly as possible. Frequently these “apology programs” are combined with active campaigns to trash attorneys. It could be because the insurance adjusters know that national studies have shown that injured people with lawyers recover three times as much as those who represent themselves. The studies conclude that even after subtracting lawyer fees and costs, the injured parties still end up with more money on average. In fact, insurance companies in many states are allowed to lie to their own insureds. In Michigan there is a case called Johnson [Docket number 281624] where the Michigan Court of Appeals held that even if an insurance claims adjuster’s representation is fraudulent, meaning even if it’s a deliberate lie, an insured person cannot use that statement to sue the insurance company for fraud.

Trucking accident cases can be worth millions and millions and grieving family members often don’t think about the impact of inflation, rising medical expenses, increasing costs of college, the increasing costs of food, taxes on property or the fact that a new car is going to have to be replaced every few years. If your family has a catastrophic or fatal truck accident case call today for a free consultation. Call toll free 866-580-4878 or complete the online case evaluation form.

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