Defence Act Claims

Workers Compensation Claims

Injuries to Defense Contract and Overseas Workers

If you have been seriously injured or your spouse or a parent has died while working as a civilian at a military base, or other government project overseas, you have the right to file a workers’ compensation claim for medical costs, lost wages or death benefits. 

In the U.S., all states require employers to carry insurance to cover on-the-job injuries. With the on-going military involvement in Iraq, and other countries, defense contractors often perform their jobs building roads, constructing embassies, schools, government facilities or engaging in other services, under dangerous conditions. Different from the stateside workers comp policies, the Defense Base Act requires the employers with defense contracts to purchase a workers’ compensation insurance policy specifically covering injury and death claims of workers whose jobs fall the provisions of the Defense Base Act.

What is the Defense Base Act?

Enacted in 1941, the DBA was designed to provide compensation for disability or death to persons employed at military, air, and naval bases outside the United States, and delineates places of employment. Over the years, the Act was amended a number of times so that the Act now applies to almost any contract with U.S. government agencies, whether or not the contract is related to the military.

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Employees and families with Defense Base Act (DBA) claims frequently need legal help to protect their interests. At the Law Offices of Morgan Adams, our Defense Base Act practice is national in scope. Regardless of your home state, we can represent you. Unfortunately employers may be slow to report injuries, and the processing of your claim may be delayed, denied or not fully compensated. Your employers’ insurance company will work to minimize the amount the pay to settle a claim. And we will work just as hard to and ensure you are fully compensated for the harm you suffered. The benefits to which you may be entitled include lost wages, medical expense, permanent disability where applicable and death benefits for surviving family member when a worker is killed.

The Defense Base Act is set up so that any injured worker can be assured of having an attorney on his side. As an injured worker or a family member of someone who has died from on-the-job injuries overseas, you will not have any out of pocket expenses for legal fees for a DBA injury claim. Attorneys take DBA on a contingency basis, meaning they are paid out of the money they are able to obtain for your injuries. Furthermore, attorneys’ fees must be approved before payment.

Requirements When You Are Injured

  1. Notify your employer in writing as soon as possible, but no later than 30 days of the accident, death, occupational disease or injury claim.

  2. In addition to giving your employer written notice, you must file an Employee Claim for Compensation within one year of the date of the accident.

Where Must DBA Claims Be Filed?
A DBA claim must be filed with one of the 11 district offices of the U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs. District offices located in New York, Boston, Baltimore, Norfolk, Jacksonville, New Orleans, Houston, San Francisco, Long Beach, Seattle, and Honolulu.

When you need legal help to obtain overseas non-military injury benefits to which you are entitled under the Defense Base Act, call the Law Offices of Morgan Adams at (423) 265-2020 or (866) 580-4878 to speak with a Workers Compensation Lawyer, or email us. We will put our legal team to work for you.

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