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Cement truck accidents, also known as mixer truck accidents, can be incredibly dangerous. A cement truck has a very high center of gravity and can weigh between 25 and 60 tons. After the collision, cement can pour out into the road, causing other cars to crash. A little known fact is that a cement truck can turn over at as little as 5 mph in making a ninety degree turn. If the cement truck driver is not exceptionally well-trained, you can count on a cement truck to turn over. Throw in the fact that wet cement must be delivered quickly, so that it doesn’t harden within the cement truck itself, and you have a recipe for disaster.

The cement truck accident lawyers at the Law Offices of Morgan Adams have handled cement truck accidents before. In one case our firm handled a cement truck rolled over and then flipped on top of our clients mini-van. Inside the mini-van a mother and baby were trapped. The baby ended up having traumatic brain injuries directly as a result of the collision. Our firm was able to successfully prove to the insurance company the baby’s catastrophic injuries which resulted in a recovery of lifetime benefits for the baby. The baby will have medical care, therapy, and even college paid for when the baby is old enough.

A cement truck accident is not like any other crash and has special rules of the road and standards that are different from other forms of trucks. Hire an experienced concrete truck accident attorney for your case. You can contact Morgan Adams toll free at 866-580-4878 or complete the online case evaluation form. The initial consultation is free. Call now, we can help.

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