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Bicycle accidents, much like motorcycle accidents, typically involve inattentive car and truck drivers. While collisions with cars account for a small number of bicycle accidents, they account for the vast majority of catastrophic injuries and deaths. The bicycle accident lawyers at our firm have generally found that the car driver’s negligence consists of failing to yield to the cyclist, running a stop sign or red light, backing out of a driveway, inattention, or being under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Our firm has found that garbage trucks strike more bicyclists than any other truck on the road. Please see the Garbage truck accident section of our site for more information on these accidents.

Bicyclists in Tennessee have the same rights as any other driver on the roadway. (See TCA 55-8-101 and 55-8-172) The law actually classifies the bicycle as a vehicle for all intents and purposes. Car driver’s must respect that and the law requires that a car passing a bicyclist shall pass at a safe distance, and certainly not less than the minimum safe distance of 3 feet.

Recently the laws in Tennessee changed, bicyclists out before sunrise or after sunset are now required to have a white front headlight that can be seen 500 feet away and a rear red reflector that is visible from 50 feet away. We strongly recommend that all of our friends and clients who ride bicycles ensure that they have a lights and reflectors that comply with this new law, TCA 55-8-177.

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